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Packages that use Tag

Uses of Tag in org.hoglet

Methods in org.hoglet with parameters of type Tag
 String Processor.getTagContent(Tag t)

Uses of Tag in

Methods in that return Tag
 Tag Tag.getParent()

Methods in with parameters of type Tag
 void Tag.addChild(Tag t)

Constructors in with parameters of type Tag
Tag(Tag parent, String name, Map options, Processor proc)
Tag(Tag parent, String name, Processor proc)

Uses of Tag in org.hoglet.handlers

Methods in org.hoglet.handlers with parameters of type Tag
 String TagHandler.convert(Tag tag, String content)

Uses of Tag in org.hoglet.handlers.core

Methods in org.hoglet.handlers.core with parameters of type Tag
 String XMLHandler.convert(Tag tag, String tagContent)
 String TextHandler.convert(Tag tag, String content)
 String TableRowHandler.convert(Tag tag, String content)
 String LinkHandler.convert(Tag tag, String content)
 String JavadocHandler.convert(Tag tag, String content)
 String HogletHandler.convert(Tag tag, String content)
 String CodeHandler.convert(Tag tag, String content)
static String HandlerUtils.doReplacements(String content, Map reps, Tag tag)

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